Natural Products and Allergies

Mainstream make-up and body care products have been linked to various health problems, including allergic reactions. Since the government does not require health studies on the chemicals used in everyday beauty products, almost ninety percent of the materials used in these products have not been approved by the FDA or other food and drug safety administration. Combine this staggering statistic with the fact that our skin absorbs seventy percent of what we lather on, and one might pay a bit more attention to the hazards to which we subject our sensitive shell.

Synthetic Allergens Avoided By Natural Products

Natural products, such as those made by Excelen, shun the harmful chemicals used by non-natural products, such as sulfates, parabens, and many more synthetic substitutes. Conventional beauty product manufacturers love substances like methyl, propyl, butyl, and ethyl parabens. These chemicals, which are petroleum-based preservatives used in numerous lotions and creams, are extremely cheap for manufacturing and extend the shelf life of their products. However, these substances are notorious for causing allergic skin reactions due to their high toxicity. The same can be said for propylene glycol, which also happens to be used in industrial antifreeze.

When purchasing a beauty product, be sure to check the list of ingredients for harmful compounds, which manufacturers sometimes cleverly disguise. Ninety percent of conventional shampoos and conditioners contain an ingredient known as sodium lauryl sulphate. This harsh detergent is valued for its lathering properties, and poses numerous health risks to the user, including allergic reactions. Lipsticks, particularly the frosted or shiny varieties, contain bismuth oxychloride, which not only is toxic when swallowed, but has been linked to skin allergies.

On the other hand, natural products, such as those created by Excelen, combine ingredients such as chamomile, almond oil, and marigolds- earthborn substances with familiar names that bring relief to a chemical-laden society.

A Shift in Demand

Just as consumers want more and more organic products for the foods they eat, they also want natural beauty products that reject the chemical ingredients of the synthetic imposters. While the industry leaders have tried to meet this demand with the production of “hypo-allergenic” lotions and products for “sensitive skin,” nothing can better fit the needs of health-conscious shoppers than the wholesome ingredients provided by the earth. Excelen products are ideally suited for this purpose. Ninety percent of the ingredients in typical beauty products are of synthetic origin, and are under no scrutiny by federal regulators. We place great importance on the safety and quality of the foods we eat and groceries we buy, so why should our skin, our porous protector, be given any less-selective treatment?

Get Into Your Skin

Your skin is your body’s biggest organ, contributing to fifteen percent of your body weight and having a surface area of 1.5 – 2 square meters. The average square inch of skin contains 650 sweat glands, 20 blood vessels, 65 hair follicles, and more than one thousand nerve endings. It was ingeniously designed serve as a gatekeeper, allowing good things in, and keeping bad things out. Before modernization brought harmful chemicals into contact with your skin, the only things touching our skin were made by the earth. Should things be any different today?

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